A share of my struggles

Hi! Here’s my latest post in my wonderful group, Jomar Hilario Mastery Group and Virtual Assistants Seminar Group:

Hi everyone here! I just need some encouragement in this quest of being a Virtual Assistant. I have been a member of this group and I consider Sir Jomar as my mentor for a very loooong time now. I have learned a lot from all of you and have even availed of 2 downloadable seminars late last year which is How to Become a VA and the FBME with Jay Mclean. From availing of these, I also received a LOT of bonuses that can help me and add to my knowledge and confidence of being an effective and highly paid VA. That’s how generous Sir Jomar is. He’s really there to help us succeed.

See? All the possible opportunities for a VA is already in my hands! But how come I feel so sad right now realizing that until now, I’m not yet done with my VA assignment but have tried to apply at onlinejobs.ph and freelancer which I received a number of clients who are scammers. My first application was a legit client but he was looking for a full time VA. I can only work part time, as of now, since I am taking care of my baby who has special needs. It’s a real challenge for me to do the assignments, how much more of really working as a VA. Sabi nga ni Sir Jomar, 3x sacrifice ang gagawin ko. If my baby is asleep, I try to self study and make my assignments but sometimes I really experience na kahit anong pilit kong maging gising, nakakakatulog ako in front of my computer (sleep deprivation).

Haaaayyy! Just sharing my struggles. I would be very glad to hear from those who are now VAs but has the same situation with me.


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