About Me

Jaysarie GundranThe owner of this blog is Jaysarie Chee-Gundran. She is called by people close to her as Jaysa.

Jaysarie continues to evolve as a Filipino Virtual Professional. Since February 2013, she has been helping small and medium entrepreneurs, online marketers and website owners from different parts of the world with different tasks such as customizing WordPress themes, solving different display issues of WordPress websites (front-end), managing subscribers’​ lists and websites, setting up autoresponders, scheduling and sending newsletter to subscribers, integrate MailChimp with WordPress, profiling social media engagement monthly, assisting in campaign reports, managing social media accounts, scheduling social media posts and data entry.

To further hone her online skills, she has downloaded and attended several webinars, seminars and internship and continues to update. Currently, she’s focusing her online skills in WordPress and MailChimp and ready to help small and medium entrepreneurs who have no time to customize the theme of their WordPress websites, website owners who are too busy figuring out how to solve display issues or in maintaining it as well as online marketers doing email marketing with MailChimp and feels overwhelm on how to make and keep it organized and updated.

Jaysarie is passionate in helping her clients by taking care of the small tasks but essential part of business. She is a partner who find ways to grow her clients’ businesses online and takes pride of whatever business milestones achieved.

Jaysarie is a Science Teacher by profession but decided to explore the world of Virtual Assistants when she had to file for an indefinite leave from teaching due to the developmental issues of her third child who was born premature.


Online accomplishments:

WordPress Web Design Tasks: Customizing WordPress themes and widgets for sidebar

MailChimp Tasks: Managing Lists, Sending and scheduling Newsletter, Editing Newsletter Templates, Managing Autoresponders

General VA Tasks: submit data entry outputs ahead of time, making social media campaign reports, managing Facebook pages, scheduling posts using HootSuite, shortens URL using Bitly, posting tweets on Twitter, engage with influencers using Topsy.com, posting links and engaging in Reddit.

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