About The Evolving Virtual Assistant

Jaysarie Gundran

The owner of this blog is Jaysarie Chee-Gundran. She is called by people close to her as Jaysa.

Jaysarie continues to evolve in her quest to be one of the best Filipino Virtual Assistants ever. Over a period of fifteen years, her computer and online skills evolve from creating slides in PowerPoint, web browsing, researching, data encoding through Microsoft Word, data entering through Excel, emailing project proposals as a Research Assistant.

Her social media skills initially developed with her accounts in Friendster and Multiply where she first learned to upload photos of products she’s selling and “speak” her mind in her shout outs. Additional skills such as Creating Groups and Pages were learned through her accounts in Facebook; Organizing Pictures in Pinterest, Posting links in Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ and uploading videos in You Tube; 

To further develop her internet skills, she sought the help of  Mr. Jomar Hilario, The Internet Marketing Guru of the Philippines whom has helped her a lot in her journey of becoming a Virtual Assistant by attending his webinars and downloading seminars such as How to Become a Virtual Assistant where she learned and studied many tools and programs useful to a VA; Facebook Marketing Expert Seminar where she learned different strategies to promote businesses in Facebook; Deep Internet Secrets where she learned the basics of XML and CSS and Tutorials on Hosted WordPress where she learned the different effective Plug ins and online selling. Recently, she attended the webinar on Affiliate Marketing where she learned how to earn passive income from it. It was through her mentor that she learned about blogging through Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr.  She is currently subscribed to Mr. Jomar Hilario’s newest mentoring program called the Virtual Assistant League of Experts (VLE) and exploring the world of Mobile Marketing and creating infographics. She is also enrolled with Internet Marketer Ryan Deiss’ AuthorityROI program.

What makes Jaysarie The Evolving Virtual Assistant is her love for learning new skills and developing those acquired online skills to the advantage of her clients.

Jaysarie is a Science Teacher by profession but decided to explore the world of Virtual Assistants when she had to file for an indefinite leave from teaching due to the developmental issues of her third child who was born premature.

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