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Additional Income for Virtual Assistants

If you’re a Virtual Assistant or you run a Digital Agency, there’s now a brand new opportunity to generate a steady stream of additional income every month by selling property listing videos to realtors.

And don’t worry if you’ve never made a video before because Noble Samurai has put together a short training video to show you just how easy it is to do.


Here’s why Realtors are an excellent target market for this type of service:

  • Realtors regularly pay upwards of $200 for a single listing video, and they need ongoing videos as they list new properties each week…
  • Every property up for sale has a marketing budget associated with it, so there’s already money set aside for videos…
  • 74% of all internet traffic is video, but only 4% of Realtors use any form of video to help them sell properties – so this is a massive opportunity…
  • Realtors are often focused on building relationships with their clients, so typically they aren’t tech savvy and prefer to have someone create videos for them

So check out this free training video now, and be one of the first people to get in on the ground floor of this new opportunity to generate a new stream of online income.


My Black Friday List

Lazada’s Pinoy Cyber Sale

Lazada PhilippinesHere in the Philippines, we will hold our very own Black Friday through our Pinoy Cyber Sale starting Nov. 24 up until Nov. 27! Sale is up to 80% off!

FB Ads 404 by Virtual Careers Academy for Filipinos

fb ads 404This Thanksgiving, Sir Jomar Hilario is giving you a chance to get any course in Virtual Careers Academy for Filipinos at 37% off! but only up to Mon, November 27, 2017.

I’m eyeing for FB Ads 404 and Copywriting Masterclass 202
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Virtual Assistant Guide by Philippine Virtual Assistant Network


Join Virtual Assistant Guide online coaching program for only P 6,000 for BUDDY PAIR DISCOUNT. [Good for 2 persons]

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My Complimentary Copy of the Book, Virtual Careers


Virtual Careers_blog

Thank you so much Sir Jomar Hilario for my signed complimentary copy of your book, “Virtual Careers”.

Thank you for introducing me to the world of work from home as a Virtual Professional and instilling in me the right mindset and passion for learning new skills. Congratulations and continue to help our fellow Filipinos embrace their family more while earning dollars or any currency at home. God bless.

Friends, I started my Virtual Professional journey through the link below. I am sharing this to you for I’m forever grateful and my act of paying it forward. I am still a work in progress in my virtual career journey but what’s important is I have started it and not giving up.
The book, “Virtual Careers” by Sir Jomar Hilario and Foreword by Bo Sanchez, is a wonderful gift idea this coming Christmas for yourself, your loved ones and friends who want to start right on how to earn any currency working from home. NOTE: This is not a fast money scheme. You also have to do your part to be able to achieve your goals of earning online.
You can purchase the signed book of Virtual Careers through the link below:



How to Create a List in MailChimp

For those into email marketing, Mailchimp is one popular web-based application being used by many online marketers to send their business’ campaigns and newsletters to their subscribers and for list building. Here is the first of my series of MailChimp Tutorials, How to Create a List.

What is a list, by the way? It is a group of individuals who gave their email address when they opted-in to receive your campaigns. Before creating a list, one has to be organized and has to consider the following to get the most in the future:

  • Your goals in email marketing
  • Who are your audience/subscribers
  • The information relevant to each audience/subscribers

Below is my tutorial on How to Create a List in MailChimp. If you have any suggestions and questions, please feel free leave your comments in the comment box.


Happy Client, Happy Me!! Solving WordPress Premium Theme Issues

I love the challenges of working with WordPress websites.

The sense of fulfillment I feel after seeing the output of my work and having   happy clients that express their gratitude.

Below is a screenshot of my conversation with a client who had posting issue with her WordPress website:



Having issues with your WordPress websites? I might be able to help. 😉

WordPress Theme Customization for a Cafe Website: LemonChili

I love it when I get to work with projects customizing WordPress premium themes and helping clients establish their business’ or brand’s online presence.  It hones my skills in WordPress which I first learned with my internship with Sir Jay Pasana. Here is one of my previous project with a client for a cafe website. My tasks were the following:

  • WordPress installation – For this project, I had to install it using Filezilla (FTP) since the client’s service provider does not use cPanel.
  • WordPress Theme Customization – I customized a WordPress theme which is called LemonChili. It is a premium and responsive WordPress theme which has special features for restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs and events.
  • Install plugins – Initially, I added just the basic plugins that are needed for a website to function well. There were several server issues and challenges but was able to resolve it through the WordPress Forums. A lot of them are very helpful

Get Scarcity Samurai Now!

  • Upload contents – mostly personal photos provided by the client
  • Edit images using Photoshop  and resizing it- I edited the background image for an unwanted element as well as resizing photos which are blurry.

Here is a screenshot of the finished cafe website:


Messages from my client, Lee O.

Help me Jaysarie! I give up!  I have no idea how to use WordPress, which is why I have you thankfully. 🙂

Thank you Jaysarie.  That is great.  I am so out of my depth with WordPress!  I guess I expected that it would look just like the LemonChili example and I just had to “remove” pages rather than add them.  The back-end just looks a bit confusing to a 1st-time like me and I know I will waste a lot of time on it.

Having another full time job and doing the café website in my spare time, means it probably won’t get done for a long time!

Thanks you so much!


Virtual Services: Its Origin and Evolution

By: Anna Garcia


Image Credit:

With the advent of computers and the world wide web, it’s not so difficult to imagine that people now have access to a world of infinite possibilities — especially when it comes to information technology. The benefits brought on by these innovations, however, are not limited to the efficient processing and storing of data. They have also made possible a new era of professionals — the virtual assistants.

But when did this type of profession actually emerge? What inspired its inception? Who were the forerunners of this digital age concept? Who came up with the apt term? Well, if you want to know the answers, don’t stop reading.

The Beginning

Many believe that the precursors of what the world now know as virtual services was what people used to call “secretarial services”. And if you really think about it, it makes sense. After all, secretaries were the all-around assistants of managers, supervisors and executives. Decades ago, before computers and typewriters, the main tasks of secretaries were to take down notes for their bosses or superiors within the confines of a private office or a meeting room — regardless if they’re for important reports, contracts, business correspondence, or mere reminders.

For Males Only

But did you know that when the secretarial profession was born, only men were allowed to do it? As a matter of fact, the first secretarial school that was founded by Sir Isaac Pitman, the inventor of the shorthand method, only accepted male students. Back then, women were relegated to the role of mere housewives. When the typewriter got invented during the 1860s, however, women started to find a place in the secretarial arena and slowly began to dominate the field.

The Birth of the Virtual Industry

To further enhance the skills of professionals in the US secretarial industry, the National Secretaries Association was founded in 1942. Not 10 years after that, people who wanted to be professional secretaries, had to take and pass the Certified Professional Secretaries Examination. Since then, over 60,000 people have qualified for the said certification.

Decades after women dominated the industry and years after the internet has gone mainstream, a woman from Connecticut named Christine Durst had a vision of utilising the internet to pave the way for doing business globally. This was one of the reasons that in 1995, Durst founded both Staffcentrix and the International Virtual Assistants Association along with Michael Haaren. Thus, virtual services was born.

Who coined the term?

According to Durst, the one who came up with the famous term was her co-founder Michael Haaren. She said that it was Haaren’s vision to help people with disabilities as well as military spouses utilise these digital age technologies to develop portable career solutions for themselves.

However, another version of the story is that years before, a home-based entrepreneur named Stacy Brice has been providing travel planning and personal assistance to international clients from her home since 1992 — about 3 years before Durst and Haaren founded IVAA. According to Brice, years after she had been working from home, a client by the name of Thomas Leonard, the founder of Coach U that later on became Coachville, contacted Durst to take over his administrative duties while he goes on a sabbatical. He called the position “virtual assistant”.

Whichever version you might give credit for the term, the fact is that the profession started out as an alternative source of administrative services for entrepreneurs who wanted to concentrate on their business’ core tasks. Clearly, it was an answer to a demand for cost-effective and efficient administrative work.

What exactly do Virtual Assistants actually do now?

Virtual services today don’t just entail secretarial tasks, but more of vital administrative duties. In fact, many of them are now more aptly called Virtual Specialists since they offer a wide array of support services for any type of business and in almost any industry. Some virtual workers offer special skills such as in marketing, creative and technical services, web design, web development and maintenance. Others also offer specialised administrative assistance for particular industries such as in medical, legal, and real estate — to name a few.

The road so far…

The virtual industry has certainly come a long way from its earlier roots. When virtual assistance was in its infancy, professionals utilised telephones as well as the internet to perform their tasks. Now, they mostly rely on the power of the internet to efficiently deliver excellent results. Of course, the internet has greatly evolved since the 1990s and will probably continue to evolve in the years to come. And with the help of technological advances and continued training, virtual assistants will continue to become more skilled and efficient in their field.


Author Bio: Anna Garcia writes for Regus, an international provider of digital solutions to small and medium-sized businesses as well as large corporations. Among the products and services they offer are workplace recovery solutions, business lounges, meeting facilities and virtual services.

Demand Skills for Mobile Marketers

According to, demand for skills set for mobile marketing continue to grow in the coming years. In March of 2012, there was a 55% increase in the volume of job ads posted online compared to March in 2011.

Here are the most demanded mobile marketing skills needed by employers:

  1. Microsoft PowerPoint
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Customer relationship management (CRM)
  4. Microsoft Office
  5. Search engine marketing (SEM)
  6. Android OS
  7. Web Analytics
  8. Google Analytics
  9. Software as a Service (SaaS)
  10. Adobe Photoshop
  11. Salesforce CRM
  12. Agile Software Development
  13. Structured Query Language (SQL)
  14. Microsoft Office Visio
  15. Quantitative analysis

For the detailed report on this article, check it here.

Trending on Twitter

Hi! While I was retracking something on my email, I stumbled upon an email from SlideShare which they sent last February informing me that one of my contents is trending on Twitter. The content they were referring to was my tutorial on How to Import PowerPoint Slides to Prezi. Too bad I was not able to claim my coupon for a free month of SlideShare PRO. Lesson learned? To go over regularly my email messages. Anyway, here’s a screenshot of SlideShare’s email:

trending on twitter

Business Opportunities in Mobile Marketing: The You Tube Version

Hi! It’s been a while since I last posted here. Been very busy with my video training with my awesome, “soon to be client”, taking care of my baby plus there’s the problem of internet connection being very slow. Anyway, I had the chance to attend the webinar (free!) of Sir Jomar Hilario on How to Earn Money using YouTube and Facebook. Since it’s a learning webinar (that’s how great my mentor is!), we have the chance to try it ourselves and thus I decided to make a video of the Business Opportunities in Mobile Marketing, which of those of you who follow me here, I already posted as a Presentation using Slideshare. Until now, have not explored yet how to put together the slides in pixlr as a form of Infographics.

Anyway, I’ll do that soon and share it here. For now, I would like to share with you the output of the YouTube  Video I created through the webinar of Sir Jomar Hilario. Tutorial on this will also be posted soon.